Laundry Over the years we have honed our laundry process to keep your shirts and pants looking great everyday. By using the proper detergents and water temperature your clothes will get cleaner and last longer.

Dry Cleaning  We are so excited to announce our new dry cleaning machine and solvent, the System K4. It provides environmentally safe, superb cleaning .

Bedding & Linens  One of the best things about staying at a nice hotel is the delight of sleeping on ironed sheets. Most people don’t realize that they can have this luxury in their home for a very reasonable cost!

Wedding Gowns We specialize in bridal gown cleaning and wedding dress preservation.  Every wedding dress brought to Oak Forest is thoroughly examined before and after cleaning to make sure the beading and fabrics are correctly and safely treated.

Alterations Everyone is different and not every garment you purchase of the rack will fit you like it should. Our full service alterations specialists offer the finest in alteration techniques that will help extend the life of your garments.